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Escondido RV Dog Park

You will love our enclosed dog park with plenty of room to play

Chosen by Good Sam Club and RV Share as a Top Pet-Friendly RV Park, Escondido RV Resort is home to Sunland’s largest dedicated pet area. Escondido RV’s completely fenced one-third-acre is reserved for guests of Escondido RV park, dogs (and their owners) have plenty of room to run and relax.

Located between the two levels of the RV resort, the dog park enjoys resort views and great crosswinds. Dogs and guests will enjoy a cooling breeze no matter what time of year.

As a dog-friendly RV park, Escondido is dedicated to the health and safety of pets. With summer almost here, Escondido RV has compiled our top hot weather pet tips.

  • Complete fencing for safe play
  • Double gated entry
  • Fire hydrant water feature
  • Dog toys and training tools
  • Picnic bench
  • Shade trees and benches
  • Doggie water fountain

Tips on Keeping Your Pet Safe

Fun in the sun? Seek the shade:
We love the sunshine, but dogs can dehydrate quickly. The ASPCA reminds dog owners that, during summer months in particular, dogs need ample clean water to rehydrate. The Escondido dog park features a convenient dog water fountain with fresh water.

RVs and cars heat the same:
Make sure not to leave your pets in your RV without the proper cooling and ventilation. On those hot days, an RV will heat up and cool down much like that of a car. The internal temperature can far exceed the temperature outside.

Protect the paws:
We know how hot cement or sand can burn our feet. Your pet’s paws are no different. Be careful walking your pups on streets and sidewalks on the particularly hot days. Escondido RV Resort’s dog park is ideally filled with mulch — and it won’t burn paws!

Know the signs of heatstroke:
No matter where you’re going this summer, heat waves can strike. While you’re enjoying summer temperatures, keep a look out for the signs of heatstroke. According to The Weather Channel, signs of heat stroke in dogs include:

  • Excessive panting
  • Refusal to obey commands
  • Warm, dry skin
  • A high fever
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Vomiting
  • Collapsing