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Why the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the ideal choice for an unforgettable safari experience!

Are you looking to experience the best of wildlife? If you do, have you considered visiting the San Diego zoo safari park? Wildlife is a major tourist attraction that allows visitors to experience part of what Mother Nature has to offer. At the San Diego zoo safari park, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the time of your life all thanks to the amazing safari experience available here.

The San Diego zoo safari park is open every day of the year and visitors can also access the zoo even on holidays. More to that, the park is open between 9 am to 5 pm. In addition, there are parking services available where you will only pay $15 for secure parking per vehicle, $20 for RV parking and an additional $18 for preferred parking. So, what else should you expect upon visiting this incredible zoo?

Safari Tours

The San Diego zoo safari park offers a great safari experience courtesy of the numerous safari tours and huge wildlife collection available. There are numerous packages offered for safari tours and they include: behind the scenes safari, cheetah safari, cart safari, jungle ropes safari, caravan safari, zip line safari, roar and snore safari and the ultimate safari for anyone looking for a VIP safari experience.

Some of the animals you will see on the safari tour

San Diego Zoo Safari Park
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Numerous activities

Being at the San Diego Safari Park will prove to be a great time as there are lots of activities to indulge in. Among the activities you can indulge in include: games in the play areas, encountering animals, balloon safaris, camps and guided field trips. Amazingly, you need not break the bank in order to indulge in these activities. The charges are pocket-friendly thus anybody can enjoy this amazing safari experience.

Animals and plants

Apart from the exciting activities you can indulge in at this safari park, there are lots of animals and plants to see. This zoo has an incredible collection of wildlife thus you are guaranteed of encountering some of the most revered animals in the jungle. More to that, you will also get a chance to see various plant species that cannot be found elsewhere.


Known to be a haven of activities, the San Diego zoo safari park plays host to numerous events. Some of the events that you will get to be part of here include summer camps and dining events. These events will play a huge role in enhancing your experience at the zoo.

Safari tours offer a once-in-a-lifetime moment for you to experience wildlife at its best. And with the enticing packages and activities available at the San Diego zoo safari park plus its easy accessibility, nothing should stop you from enjoying a great safari experience!

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